Smith-Cotton High School  Sedalia, Mo.
Fire Alarm
Bell Prairie Elementary (NKC School District)  Fire Alarm
Little Blue Elementary (Raytown School District)  Intercom
LDS Lenexa Stake Center - Fire Alarm
KSU School of Leadership  - Fire Alarm
Whiteman AFB  Communications facilityFire alarm / Mass Notification

Market Place Various Projects Completed By Energize Since 1990

Sprint World Headquarters(21 Buildings & 22 Parking Garages)          Fire Alarm
Marion Merrill Dow (5 Building Complex)Fire Alarm
U.S. Federal Courthouse (KCMO)- Fire Alarm 
KCI-Terminal Improvement Projects          Fire Alarm, Paging systems
Liberty Memorial - Fire Alarm, Card Access, CCTV
Western Missouri Mental Health       Card Access,  CCTV
KC Station Casino Hotel - Fire Alarm 
Truman Library  - CCTV, Security
Stowers Institute -  Fire Alarm
H & R Block Service Center-Fire Alarm, CCTV
Marriott Muehlbach Hotel - Fire Alarm 
Forty KCMO Magnet Schools  - Fire Alarm Upgrades
Nebraska Furniture Mart - Fire Alarm 
Great Lakes Dam Project - CCTV, Security
South Creek Office Building - Fire AlarmDepartment of Transportation KC, MO      FireAlarm, Card Access, CCTV
President Hotel - Fire Alarm, Sound Systems
Kocher & Beck - Fire Alarm, Intrusion, Card Access
Arrowhead Stadium Renovation Voice Data
Block 35  State Street Buildings 1 and 2    Fire Alarm 
Kansas City Museum - Corinthian HallFire Alarm, Security
Westside Business Park - Fire Alarm, Card Access, CCTV
Liberty High School - Fire Alarm, Intercom, ClocksBriarcliff Hilltop Office Building  - Fire AlarmWhiteman AFB  B2 Hangers Pkg. 83 & 84 Fire Alarm 
USD 202   Oak Grove Elem. - Fire Alarm - ECS
Roasters Block - Boss & Swofford Bldgs. - Fire Alarm Systems
Command and General Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth - Fire Alarm
KMBC-TV 9 - Fire Alarm
CenterPoint Hospital - Fire Alarm   
 KCI Consolidated Car Rental - Fire Alarm  
Farmers Insurance, Austin, TX  Fire Alarm
Kauffman Stadium Renovation - Fire Alarm 
Argosy Casino Hotel - Fire Alarm
 Block 110-Cosentino’s - Fire Alarm KC Live
KC Live  Block 124, 125, 126, 139 & 140 Retail   -  Fire Alarm
KC Live, Block 124, 126 Garage - Fire Alarm
National & American  Weather Service - Fire Alarm, Card Access
Methodist Church of Resurrection Fire Alarm
Farmers Insurance Office Buildings, Olathe, KS  Fire Alarm, Card Access, CCTV
Raytown Schools - Teradon/360 Intercoms 
Staley High School  NKC - Fire alarm, Intercom
Maple Grove Elem School  Warrensburg, Mo.
Fire Alarm, Intercom
Whiteman AFB  2011 B2 Maint. Docks 1- 4  -                 Heat detection replacement. Lake City Army Ammunition Plant  2012 - Upgrade/Replace Fire Alarm & Mass Notification. Black & Veatch World Headquarters  2012-2013 Replace and upgrade Fire Alarm system
ATK - Lake City CUP Project
Lexington Middle School - Desoto, KS. - Intercom
LCAAP Bldg 157  Emergency Services Bldg.              Fire Alarm / MNEC
Butler Bros. Bldg - Fire Alarm, Door Entry
Swinney School Apts - Fire Alarm